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-May 2019-

Spotlight on Zebra IDE

Lower the barrier to entry on creating and editing advanced scripts for Load Tests or Synthetic Monitoring within your team

Quick Facts: 

  • Record a web session or manually enter API calls to start scripting
  • Run and test scripts from your local computer
  • Extract and assign dynamic data and parameters
  • Enhance scripts with variables, correlations, loops, validations and more
  • Intuitive user interface

Customer Feedback:

"Since the IDE is quick to learn, new engineers can start scripting right away and we can create and maintain scripts quickly." - Ernesto Mendoza, Menta Network
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Upcoming Webinar on the Zebra IDE 

Join Solutions Engineer, Doug McAfee, in a review of the Zebra IDE functionality on May 16 at 11 AM PT.
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Tool Tip: Link Zebra IDE right into ASM or ALT portals

create your script, test it, and send it to Apica Synthetic Monitoring Portal or Apica Load Test Portal all from within one space. 


Next Month on Visible Insights

Stay tuned for an update on our addition of Desktop Application Monitoring to the checks lineup.
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