Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE is a standalone 3rd party tool for creating Selenium test cases. These test cases can be imported as script files into Synthetic Monitoring and used in browser checks to collect performance metrics for the scenario.

The old Selenium IDE is not compatible with Firefox 55 and future versions of the web browser.

Make sure your Firefox version is below 55. You can use version 54 or preferrably 52 ESR which can be downloaded here:

More information about Selenium IDE and Firefox compatibility is available in the Apica Knowledgebase.

The next generation Selenium IDE is available for both Firefox and Chrome.


Chrome Store


Install Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE is availalable as a add-on and can be quickly installed from inside the browser.

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Apica Extension

In order to get access to custom commands for Synthetic Monitoring, you will need the Apica custom extensions.

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Create Script

You can quickly create a Selenium script by recording a web session in your Firefox browser. You can then use that as a base and edit it further, and upload the finished script to Synthetic Monitoring for use with your browser and mobile checks.

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Scenario Migration

Your selenium scripts might behave differently when using the newer browser check versions.

If you have scripts created for older browser versions, your scripts may need to be modified in order to work properly.

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Mask Values

When command values contain sensitive information, they can be masked by using the apica prefixes. This will prevent the value from being displayed in results.

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Selenium Reference

A subset of the Selenium Commands are supported for newer browsers.

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