Welcome to the Apica Academy course Basic Apica LoadTest. The course consists of a number of chapters covering different topics related to Apica LoadTest usage.

This course expands on the Getting Started, so introductory material in some sections may be familiar to you. However, there is a lot more material added - whole sections, chapters, training questions and exercises.

The goal is to make you proficient in all important aspects of Apica LoadTest.

Each chapter contains a video and a number of other sections; the Text, follow-up questions, and exercises. To get the most out of the course, follow this general strategy:

Start by watching the video. This will give you an orientation about the chapter topics and a basic understanding.

You can then move on to reading the course text for a fuller and more detailed understanding.

Then, use the questions to make sure that you have grasped the concepts presented, and refer back to the video or Text as needed.

Finally, use your Apica LoadTest account to do the exercises, and use the system documentation to find more information.


The videos provide a walk-through of the topics covered in a chapter, and aim to give a general orientation on the subject matter.

Click play to start the video, and fullscreen to view in fullscreen mode.


The text section covers the same areas as the video, but in more detail. It aims to provide you with a fuller understanding of the concepts and methods presented.

The chapter text is divided into multiple sections you can go through in order. Each section contains an introductory description of the contents in the section, followed by the main content. Each section may be further divided into parts to keep the amount of information manageable.

Navigation through each section is done by clicking the previous (move to next section or part), next (move to previous section or part) and top (to start of section or part) buttons.

When you are done with an entire chapter, you will be taken back to the chapter start page to access the questions and exercises.


The questions for each chapter cover the major topics of the chapter and provide you with an opportunity to repeat the material and reinforce your understanding.

If you need to, rewatch the video or refer back the Text.


The Exercises will allow you to make use of what you have learned in the chapter, and make sure that you have a firm grasp of the topics covered.

You can do the exercises in the live Apica Load Test platform, using either your real credentials, or a trial account.

When doing the exercises, feel free to use the documentation to look up information, much as you would when working normally with Apica LoadTest.

If you feel that you haven't fully understood something or are unable a particular task even after reading the documentation, first review the Text.

If reviewing the Text still doesn't help, please contact our support department.