Product Updates

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  • Key Apica Product Updates
  • More detailed Product-specific Release Notes for our solutions.

What’s new with ASM?

New Fresh Login Page

ASM’s new login page is the first of many updates to the look, feel and user-friendliness of the system. In addition to having a more modern look, the new login page provides a new area with current information about ASM and other Apica products and links to articles and recordings to help you get the most out of your investment.

New Check Type!

Desktop Application Check (in Limited Release): Apica is now offering a new check type for monitoring desktop applications. These Desktop Application Checks are currently available in a limited release to interested, existing, ASM customers who are willing to help us improve this exciting new feature. Desktop Application Checks allow you to track the availability and performance of your critical Windows-based applications, filling an essential gap in a full monitoring plan. For more information, please read our Desktop Application Monitoring – Are You Doing it Right? For information about how to participate in the limited release, please contact your Apica sales representative.


Instana: To help ASM customers who are taking advantage of Instana to get up and running with synthetic monitoring, Apica now offers a quick migration tool that allows you quickly create new monitoring checks based on your existing Instana configuration. For more information, please ask your Account Managers or Solutions Engineers.

Postman: Apica supports Postman! With Postman having about 6 million users/developers, in use by over 200,000 companies, and being used for 130 million APIs, these vast Postman Collections can now be imported to our Zebra IDE, converted to Zebra Scripts and uploaded as either ASM for check monitoring or ALT for load testing.

ALT supports more DevOps functionality with Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD) Integrations.

  • Atlassian's Bamboo CI/CD server for improved automation.

The Zebra Name is expanding!

Zebra Tester has been Apica's professional-grade tool for creating both load testing scripts AND many customers leverage these same scripts for ASM monitoring as well.

Apica has offered two additional scripting tools to compliment Zebra Tester; a streamlined graphical browser-based UI, formerly called ASI, and a command-line based scripting tool that relies on a YAML-based definition file, formerly called ASY. But these acronyms were sometimes confusing.

So, we are extending the name Zebra to not only include the Apica Load Testing group of scripting solutions, replacing all the acronyms [AST, ASI, ASY] with Zebra Scripting Tools, Zebra IDE, and Zebra YAML, respectively. They will now be under a memorable Zebra naming standard to highlight this fact:

All three tools produce scripts (now called 'Zebra Scripts') compatible not only with Apica's Load Testing platform but also can be directly uploaded and deployed as Apica Synthetic Monitoring (ASM) checks for monitoring long term from Apica's globally distributed platform.

Zebra Scripting Tools (AST): Each OS-specific installation package includes both Zebra IDE and Zebra YAML

  • Zebra IDE (ASI): the graphical IDE for scripting
    • new_releases Postman IDE Support: Convert all your Postman collections into Zebra scripts.
    • new_releases Upload Zebra Scripts directly to our LoadTest Portal for Performance testing
    • new_releases Create Monitoring Checks for our ASM Portal directly from the Zebra IDE.
    • Improved help/Context-Sensitive Command support for enhancing your scripts with Inline Code
    • Additional views of the raw server (XML, JSON) responses for ease of searching for strings that can be extracted to variables
  • Zebra YAML (ASY): the command-line scripting tool using YAML definitions
    • new_releases Transaction support
    • new_releases Proxy support
    • new_releases Scripting features. E.g. Regular Expression header extractors, handling fallback for extractors and external file support.
  • Zebra Tester: the classic, professional-grade Apica Load Test Script creation tool
    • new_releases Proxy auto-configuration (PAC) file support for Recording and Performance Tests where proxy support is critical for correct recording and playback
  • All of our scripting tools create Zebra Scripts
  • Zebra Scripts can be deployed as Load Tests or as Zebra Checks in ASM

Postman Collection Demo

This is our Product Manager, Johan, doing a quick demo of the new Postman Collection conversion feature for Zebra IDE, starting in Postman and then importing the JSON file into Zebra IDE.

Click play to start the video, and fullscreen to view in fullscreen mode.