Release Notes by Product

:!: As of April 12th, 2019, Zebra Scripting Tools is the new name for Apica Scripting Tools (AST).

So what are Zebra IDE and Zebra YAML?

These two scripting tools are both installed by the Zebra Scripting Tools Installation kit.

Apica's classic Zebra Tester will continue to be available under its own installer

  • Zebra IDE is the web-based graphical scripting tool.
    • Ideal for performance and load testing web application responses or API-driven applications.
  • Zebra YAML is the non-graphical command-line scripting tool.
    • Ideal for creating DevOps style load testing scripts (without a need for a rich GUI UI or where passing through a web proxy could interfere with scripting).

Together, these tools offer a range of features to make your load testing scripting easier.

The latest Zebra Scripting Tools Installation kit Version is V0.4.2

The Zebra Scripting Tools can be installed with one of these Operating System installers:

  1. Mac will have a DMG installation file
  2. Windows will have an MSI installation file
  3. Linux/Ubuntu will have a DEB installation file

How do I get the Zebra Scripting Tools? These installation links will be provided in an email after a request form is filled here.

Zebra IDE

:!: As of April 12th, 2019, Zebra IDE is the new name for Apica Scripting IDE (ASI).

New features:

  • The user can get help with Inline Code by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Space while editing the code
  • There is a new Tools page, containing the first tool: Import from Postman Collections
  • The user can now create scripts from Postman Collections from the Tools page or from the Solution Home


  • The Upload Script and Upload Input File have been moved under a single "Add New" button, which now contains New Script, Postman Collection, Upload Script and Upload Input File

Bug fixes:

  • The bottom part of some letters was not displayed in the Sidebar
  • Long variable names were shown incorrectly in Safari
  • In some cases saving the script after a recording wasn't working properly

Zebra YAML

:!: As of April 12th, 2019, Zebra YAML is the new name for Apica Scripting YAML (ASY).

New features:

  • Now supports JSON formatted definition files - Only usable with the -f / –file flag
  • Users now can use static Strings as input for plugins in cases where the same input should be used every time the plugin is triggered.
  • Large request content may now be declared in a separate file which you can then refer to in the definition file.
  • Now supports processing multiple YAML files at once.

Zebra Tester

The latest 5.5-F Release notes can be found here

The very latest Zebra Tester version is 5.5-F (Patch 20)

Download the Latest Zebra Tester Version Here

All these tools produce Zebra Scripts can be used for either Apica Load Testing (ALT) or Apica Synthetic Monitoring (ASM).