Input Files

In the Input Files section you can add files containing lists of data to use for dynamic values during tests.



Input files are used by scenarios to provide dynamic test data to be used in load tests.


Some examples of data to include in input files are:

  • Login credentials
  • URLs
  • Form data, such as names and addresses
  • Query string parameters
  • Site categories
  • Search strings
  • ID numbers for site/application content

    … and so on.

File Format

Input Files are existing text files containing formatted date to be used for value extraction into scripts.


Attaching the file to the solution will make it available for use in scripts.


Available files can be assigned to individual scripts. This will set the basic properties for the file in AST.

When assigned, file a scope is selected. Variables with the same scope can then access the file.


When a file has been assigned to a script, values can be extracted to a variable for use in assigners in scripts.