Getting Started: Zebra IDE


Zebra IDE is a script development environment that you install on your local computer and use through your browser.


The Zebra Scripting Tools can be installed with one of these Operating System installers:

  1. Mac will have a DMG installation file
  2. Windows will have an MSI installation file
  3. Linux/Ubuntu will have a DEB installation file

These installation links will be provided in an email after a request form is filled here.

Short Tutorial

This is a short getting started guide where you will learn the basic steps of creating a simple API test using Zebra IDE.


The Solution collects all scripts, settings and related files that are associated with the test script project.


In the Scripts view, you can manage the scripts in the solution.


In the Help section you can find documentation and other support resources.

Test Runs

The Test Runs view lists all currently running and completed test runs.


The Console shows a text log for actions performed, test runs and other events.