Apica Scripting Tool can be installed from a .zip file.

The installation consists of these main steps:

  • Create directory
  • Unpack files to the directory
  • Configure the properties file
  • Start ASI

Note: ASI uses many of the same ports as ZebraTester for job control and local execution.

  • If ZebraTester is running, shut it down

Create Directory

  • Create an ASI installation directory
    Windows Mac
     C:\ASI /Applications/ASI

Unpack ASI

  • Unzip the archive file
  • Copy all contents into the ASI installation directory

Note: the contents, such as all the JAR dependencies, the index.html file, the static and jre folders etc. must all be placed in the root ASI folder

Configure Settings File

  • Find the settings file
  • Open the file in a text editor
  • Set the value of the key zebratester.installation.folder to your ASI installation directory location

Note: Windows file name delimiters need to be escaped with \, making for example C:\ASI into C:\\ASI.

Start ASI

ASIcan be started either from the command line or by using the provided startup script file.

Command Line Start

  • Open a command prompt
  • Open the ASI installation directory
  • Execute the run command:
Windows Mac
 .\jre\bin\java -jar zebratester.v2.api.jar -webadmin -jobcontroller -execagent -plancontroller ./jre/bin/java -jar zebratester.v2.api.jar -webadmin -jobcontroller -execagent -plancontroller

Script File Start

  • Open the ASI installation directory
  • Use the start file:
Windows Mac

Access ASI