Zebra IDE

What are Zebra IDE and Zebra YAML?

These two scripting tools are both installed by the Zebra Scripting Tool (formerly called Apica Scripting Tool/AST):

  • Zebra IDE is the web-based graphical scripting tool.
    • Ideal for performance and load testing web application responses or API-driven applications.
  • Zebra YAML is the non-graphical command-line scripting tool.
    • Ideal for creating DevOps style load testing scripts (without a need for a rich GUI UI or where passing through a web proxy could interfere with scripting).

Together, these tools offer a range of features to make your load testing scripting easier.

They both produce Zebra Scripts can be used for either Apica Load Testing (ALT) or Apica Synthetic Monitoring (ASM).

Zebra IDE Solution

The Solution collects all scripts, settings and related files that are associated with the test script project.


In the Scripts view, you can manage the scripts in the solution.

Input Files

In the Input Files section you can add files containing lists of data to use for dynamic values during tests.


With Variables you can add view you can manage dynamic variables and user input fields for use with the test scripts.

Executing Agents

In the Agents view you can see a list of execution agents for the solution.

Zebra IDE Global Settings

In the Settings section you can view and change configure ASI properties and behavior.


In the Help section you can find documentation and other support resources.

Test Runs

The Test Runs view lists all currently running and completed test runs.

Zebra Scripting Tool Plugins

In the Java Plugins view, you can manage the custom Java plugins.


The Console shows a text log for actions performed, test runs and other events.