Zebra YAML (formerly ASY) is the non-graphical Zebra Scripting Tool (formerly AST).

It is a command-line tool and a YAML-based, Domain-Specific, language for creating scripts for Apica Load Testing and Synthetic Monitoring; no-proxy-configuration needed.


With Zebra YAML, users who don’t need/want a graphical user interface can instead use definition files to define the test scripts.

These scripts can also be extended with custom Java plugins and inline scripting. Test packages are then generated with the command line interface.

Generated scripts can then be used both for monitoring in Apica Synthetic Monitoring (ASM and performance testing in Apica Load Test without modification.


  • Create scripts using a YAML definition file where the definition file consists of a number of scripts that perform various actions.
  • As needed, include data from data files to use in the scripts.
  • Java plugins can provide additional functionality.
  • A command line utility will interpret the YAML definition file to create and package script(s) for use in either Synthetic Monitoring or Load Test.

## Process