The Browser Recording Extension allows you control recording of web surfing sessions in your browser. The extension is available for Chrome and Firefox.

The Browser Recording Extension provides a toolbar object providing access to the actions.

Note: You need to have ZebraTester console installed and running. The extension will then provide an interface to perform recordings of web sessions. For more information, see the ZebraTester Online documentation.

Download the Browser Extensions for Firefox and Chrome here.

To use the extension:

  • Start the Zebratester Console
  • Open the application you want to record in the browser
  • Start the recording

ZebraTester is automatically set as a web proxy during the recording.

You can choose to empty the browser cache before recording.

  • Record tasks in the application:
    • Add a Page Break to separate the events into logical chunks
    • Perform the actions you want to record in the application
    • Repeat adding pages and performing tasks as needed
  • Stop the recording

The recorded events are now available in the ZebraTester GUI where you can work with the script further.