Record Web Session

With the browser extension, you can control the recording from the dropdown.

  • Start the Zebratester Console
  • Open a browser window or tab with the ZebraTester Web Admin GUI


  • Open the application you want to record in a separate window or tab


When you have done the setup, you can start recording.


  • Click Start recording

ZebraTester is automatically set as a web proxy.

The browser cookies and cache are cleared, if the clear cache option is enabled.


While the recording is running you can record tasks in the application:

  • Add a Page Break
  • Perform actions you want to record in the application
  • Take Screenshots for important steps
  • Repeat adding page breaks and performing tasks as desired


  • Click Stop the recording

The recording is stopped:


When you are done recording, you can view the result in the ZebraTester GUI interface:


At this stage, it is generally a good idea to save the recording.

  • Click Save

You can now work with the recording to create the desired testing script.