Page Scanner

Zebra Tester's Page Scanner function browses and explores web pages of a web server automatically in a recursive way - similar to a Web Spider or a Web Crawler.

Primary Purpose the scan result can be turned into a "normal" web surfing session, and from this, a load test program can be generated. This provides a simplified way to create a web surfing session, instead of recording single web pages manually. However, Page Scanner can only be used to acquire web surfing sessions which do not require HTML form-based authentication. This tool is not a replacement for recording web surfing sessions of real web applications.
Other Purposes Page Scanner allows the detection of broken links inside a web site and provides statistical data about the largest and slowest web pages. It also supports searching for text fragments overall scanned web pages.

Note 1: Page Scanner does not interpret JavaScript code and does not submit forms. Only hyperlinks are considered. Cookies are automatically supported.

Note 2: Page Scanner keeps the entire scanned web site in its transient memory (RAM) in compressed from. This means that large web sites can be scanned, but it also means that transient memory is not unlimited

Please note that the Page Scanner tool may return no result, or may return an incomplete result because some web sites or web pages contain malformed HTML code, or because old, unusual HTML options have been used within the scanned web pages. Although this tool has been intensively tested, we are not able to provide any warranty for error-free behavior. Possible web site- or webpage-related errors may be impossible to fix because of divergent requirements, or because of complexity. The functionality and behavior of this tool are similar to other search engines, which have also similar restrictions.


Input, Display and Save

The window is divided into two parts. The upper part of the window shows the progress of the scan, or the scan result when the scan has been completed. The lower part of the window allows the setting of scan input parameters, and the starting of a scan.

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Convert Scan Result

A Page Scanner result can be converted into a “normal” web surfing session, which can be used to create a load test program.

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