The simplest way to install ZebraTester on Mac OS X is to run the guide and follow the installation instructions. We recommend installing ZebraTester into the default folder.


Expand the archive ZBA55<minor version>.zip with a mouse click and then start the installation by clicking on ZBA55<minor version>.

Alternatively, you can install ZebraTester in any other location like your home folder /Users/<your account name>/ZebraTester`.

During the installation a pop-up window is shown which generates a new default license or shows your existing license if ZebraTester was already installed earlier at the same location.

Note: You must click the Apply button in order that the new license is stored on disk.


After installation, a new hyperlink icon is placed on your desktop for accessing the (local) ZebraTester Web GUI. If you wish, you can delete this desktop icon.

Open now a Finder window and navigate to the installation directory /Applications/ZebraTester We recommend that you drag the "ZebraTester Console" shortcut to the Dock.


To start ZebraTester:

  • Click the ZebraTester Console icon to start the console
  • Clicking the ZebraTester GUI icon

Alternatively, you can also access the GUI by starting the Firefox Web Browser and entering into Firefox.

To record Web Surfing Sessions, you can use The Recording Extension.